Landlord Information

Every person, individual, firm, owner, corporation or landlord, or combination thereof, engaged in the business of leasing or renting any apartment building, multiple unit, multiple dwelling, dwelling or dwelling units is hereby required to make application to and receive an annual license from the city clerk before engaging in the business of leasing.

 Periodic inspections are required               

The city clerk shall cause the health officer, building inspector or such other appropriate public official as he or she may designate to make periodic inspections to which an applicant for a license or licenses shall consent, to determine the health and safety  condition of the apartment building, multiple dwellings, rooming house, dwelling or dwelling units, within the city. For the purpose of making such inspections, the health officer, building inspector or the appointed public official is hereby authorized to enter, examine and survey at all reasonable times all apartment buildings, multiple dwellings, rooming houses, dwelling or dwelling units. The tenant or person in charge of an apartment building, multiple dwelling, rooming house, dwelling or dwelling unit shall at all reasonable times give the health officer, building inspector, and/or designated official access to the leased portion of an apartment building, multiple dwelling, rooming house, dwelling or dwelling unit and central facilities and common areas serving such places for the purpose of such inspection, examination and survey.

Landlord Application
Landlord Fees
Furnace Inspection Form (required)
Smoke Alarm Requirements (strictly enforced)
Rental Property Informational Inspection Checklist

State of Michigan Landlord/ Tenant Rights